Absolutely Fucking Massivechusetts: Part I

This is a video from my trip to Boston, to visit Kevin Hogan. It originally started when Kevin got me into this band called The Uncluded.

I was really digging them and a week after I downloaded the album, I told Kevin how obsessed I was. He responded and said “Well, come up to Boston and see them in concert with me”. I kind of laughed this off and treat it as a joke. The last time I went to Boston for the Beantown Throwdown, it took like 8 hours… No way could I manage the trip. Right now. Money was tight too. Then Kevin said he’d hook me up with some gas money and free crash space. I began thinking about it more and more, then googlemaps’ed it… 5 hours and 30 minutes… No way. This was totally doable. I told Kevin that I would be seeing him that weekend and I had a surprise up my sleeve… Matt Kemmer was also coming and Kevin had no idea until he got there… We had 3 amazing bro-sessions. This is the footage we came up with. We hope you enjoy it. Also, go to Boston sometime if you can, it’s absolutely fucking massivechusetts.

Video and text by Nick Polini

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