A Dialog with Ken Somolinos

November 20, 2014 Editor 0

First, thanks for taking the time. We’ve known each other for a long time now, I’m glad they tapped me to interview you. I figure we can have this be nice and personal, but not too personal.


Polini VS Iakimenko

October 23, 2014 Editor 0

Many of you know who Ivan Iakimenko is. A young footbag player with loads of potential, a top-notch footbag stitcher, a talented footbag film editor, an inventor/innovator, etc…


The Silencer Speaks

June 14, 2014 Editor 0

Daniel Boyle has interviewed Evan Gatesman. We are proud to bring the interview here for the first time.


Getting Your Event Sponsored

June 1, 2014 Editor 0

I wrote this after the 2013 Danish Footbag Championship where we had some nice sponsors. That does not mean that I have the golden truth on the subject. I encourage you to learn from your own mistakes and successes and do as much research beforehand as possible.

Skærmbillede 2016-08-20 kl. 09.03.50

Aleksi Airinen Interview

May 27, 2014 Editor 0

Aleksi Airinen is a young Finnish footbagger and one of the favorites to win the World Championship this year. Not only did he send us the above video – he was also kind enough to answer a few questions.


Vasek’s Epic Run

April 3, 2014 Asmus Helms 0

Worlds 2008, Prague. Vasek had won every World Championship since 2002. Then on his home turf he lost to Damian Gielnicki. The judge’s controversial decision was only comparable to 2002 when Vasek won his first World Championship title.